There are many prestigious and successful brands and trademarks that intentionally modify the spelling of a standard word within. Some examples include:

    • Digg (not Dig)
    • Flickr (not Flicker)
    • Froot Loops (not Fruit Loops)
    • La-Z-Boy (not Lazy Boy)
    • Lyft (not Lift)
    • Publix (not Publics)
    • Reddit (not Read It)
    • Tumblr (not Tumbler)
  • and even The Beatles rock band (not the standard Beetle spelling for the insect)

Some curious and intelligent people have asked us about the words within our Hotel ChateauBleau brand, since they are reminded of the standard French words château (which in English translates to castle, and in Castilian translates to castillo) and bleu (which in English translates to blue, and in Castilian translates to azul). Those individuals wonder why we seem to have an additional letter in the final syllable. That is a very good question, and here is our answer:

The second part of our brand is a compound word, which uniquely and creatively combines the two French words blu (blue or azul) and beau (beautiful or bello), because our hotel is both of them. We have been proudly using our Hotel ChateauBleau brand and trademark for several decades, and have been clarifying it for years in our radio commercials on CapicúaFM, which recently won an international award.











It is hosted by Allan Tépper.

Thanks for asking, and for choosing Hotel ChateauBleau for your lodging and dining needs!