Five reasons why our Cosmos room
beats any local bookstore


  • Free ample parking — Local bookstores have very limited parking.
Allan Tëpper's recent book launch here
Allan Tépper’s recent book launch here in the Cosmos room in the Hotel ChateauBleau.



  • Better video technology — As you’ll see in the above photo, have a state-of-the-art, large-sized HDTV with HDMI input. It’s plenty bright enough so you won’t have to shut of the lights, unless you are feeling romantic. Other local bookstores have antiquated low-brightness projectors, with last-century VGA connections.
  • No expensive consignment deal — It’s your book; it’s your money. Keep it all for yourself!
  • Food and drink from Mylos — During or after your event, your attendees can order food and drink from our award-winning Mylos restaurant, featuring Greek and International cuisine.

  • Plenty of space for your guests — Our Cosmos room is twenty eight by twenty eight feet with a wooden floor.


Call to book three hours — +1-305-461-0403